Let's Reimagine the Future of Education

My mind is overactive. It takes a lot for me to turn it off and fall asleep at night — I assume like most people. My dad calls this “the rolodex,” and says, “It’s a family thing.” I smile because I know I got it from him…

When it comes to thinking at night, I often think about my children, my marriage, my family, and everything else I can or can’t control in this world.

I think about career in education, one that was made by choice and one that I would choose again for the encompassing knowledge I’ve collected being woven into the fabric of so many lives socially, emotionally, and academically.

I truly love it, but there’s so much I’d love to change about it.

I’ve thought heavily about what we actually do when we teach, and how much my profession has changed since my first days. I’m wondering if you as a teacher or parent like to question all of this, too?

Last week I was fortunate to attend the TRETC conference here in Pittsburgh, which reignited my excitement towards creating this website.

My purpose when I started was to create a place for elementary teachers, who believe in giving their students the best learning opportunities available, to come to one place and have easy button access to the latest high quality resources for every area that impacts a teacher in a classroom.

That would include every major topic area academically, socially, and emotionally. We certainly don’t educate robots, we work with complex little human beings (and their parents). We need to understand the latest math resources, places to find engaging review games or brain breaks, and comprehend the many types of anxiety (all in about five minutes of one another… I know you hear me, teach).

For these teachers who care so much and are wiling to expand their repertoire, to take risks, to reimagine curriculum and use of modern resources… I’d like to help change the future of education.

I’d like to create the ultimate resource hub for us together, as a community, instead of searching for all of the silos that exist in education out there. I’d like to use our blog and our media accounts to share ideas and new resources we’ve come across that work for us, and work for our kids.

We can give you confidence, connections, and an open door to new opportunities here.

And as an early holiday present to all of my teacher friends, the resource hub is FREE.

Please pay it forward by sharing to your teacher friends who may benefit from our work that has only just begun.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Kelly Pascarella2 Comments