Elementary Education Websites and Resources

With all of the incredible learning resources available in today's world, we thought it was important to step up for teachers and those at home working with children to provide you with expert guidance and connect you to the wonderful opportunities available to enhance and support children's learning and life experience during the K-5 schooling years. 

Math websites, STEM websites, science websites, teacher websites, free teacher websites, teacher resource pages, reading resources, executive functioning, social and emotional learning, early intervention, and so many other topics are of interest to teachers, tutors, parents, and guardians working with kids who are in the K-5 learning years. 

At Elementary Blueprint, we are the umbrella of all topic areas and resources relevant to the K-5 schooling years. This summer we'll be sharing videos related to specific topics by bringing you experts in education to discuss their work and role in the educational system and provide you with their recommended resources. We can't wait to share their knowledge with you. 

It is our believe that all parties inside and outside a school building must know, understand, and respect the roles that all individuals in a school system play in order to make success for the whole child possible.

From the teachers to the support staff to the building leaders and the parents and guardians at home- we want to create an understanding that every position in a building has a purpose and brings with it a different stressors, different lenses, and different expertise. 

For today, we invite our teachers and parents of younger children to check out our open list of early intervention websites and resources. We'd love to hear if you have any others to add that you enjoy to support or enrich learning and life for your pre-school age children! Please comment below if you have another resource our community should know about!

*A special thanks to Teresa Corradi, DART Special Education Teacher, for supporting our initial work with Early Intervention.