Writer's Workshop Resources for Kids

I'm thrilled to share our page, Writer's Workshop Resources for Kids, because writing can be a difficult subject to teach and for learners to master without structure, mentor texts, and inspiration from some former students and local authors. While I have a lot of the information on our page here, I'm wondering how you structure a strong writing lesson? Put simply, I like to:

  • Begin with a mini-lesson such as a specific skill (hooks, transition words, exploding the moment) and show mentor text or other student work examples
  • Allow the students to implement the skill in their work
  • Share what they have changed to improve their writing 

While that sounds pretty simple, bringing the whole piece together for a student takes pre-planning. In this case, I believe in scaffolding the work with an outline (Read Write Think has the best ones!)  and providing a rubric up front. Students deserve to know with a somewhat subjective subject what skills are required to receive a certain score. Providing the time to write after mini-lessons, and self, peer, and teacher conferences are all part of the writing process for kids. I have a lot more information here on the page. 

A few favorite tips:

  • USE MENTOR TEXTS! An example of a hook comes from one of my favorite children's stories, How I Became a Pirate,  "Pirates have green teeth when they have any teeth at all." 
  • INSPIRE STUDENTS WITH OTHER STUDENT WORK! You can save high quality work that is appropriate for your grade level to encourage students to know the expectation of a well-written essay.
  • CONTACT LOCAL AUTHORS! So many writers enjoy sharing their craft with young learners. There is nothing more enjoyable for them to discuss how they have published a book and all of the steps that are involved behind the scenes. Many local authors have such great tips for how they work through the writing process, too.

I'd love to hear from you, what other resources do you use with your students or yourself to make good writing happen? Comment below!



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