Online Resources: Multiple Subject Areas

Some sites just do it all, and we like a show-off when the quality is right. These impressive resources offer outstanding cross-curricular connections and resources covering multiple subject areas.

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Multiple Subjects Learning

Brain PopA fantastic tool for all subjects, this website offers movies, games, quizzes, challenges, lesson ideas, readings, activities, connections, and so much more. Subscriptions are available for home or school. ESL and FRA options are also available. 

Breakout EDU: Teachers use a purchasable kit (also available in online form) to create engaging lessons with one goal- to solve puzzles to be able to open the locked box! The most engaging way to bring kids into a lesson - kids can design their own breakout games!

Defined STEM: Co-developed by award winning education aurhor Jay McTighe and aligned to the Understanding by Design Framework, DefinedSTEM provides real-world, project based learning experiences that are cross curricular for grades K-12. Learning experiences can be sorted by grade, standard, or subject area. Each experience begins with a career video and has multiple learning outcomes. The website is highly engaging, allowing learners to apply knowledge in real world context. Sign up for a free trial for two weeks!

Discovery Education: Transforming education through digital K-12 multimedia content, Discovery Education can be used to learn multiple subject areas and experience the world outside of the classroom through activities such as virtual field trips and alternative resources. 

Education Closet: Integrating ART and STEAM, this site offers everything we could dream of to infuse creativity into our classrooms (printable resources, high-quality curriculum, and enjoyable professional development) with a bow on top. Education Closet shares a free ArtsEd Learning Digital Magazine, an informative Teaching with Creativity Vodcast, and more. 

LearnZillion: Providing access to high quality lessons, videos, and practice sheets, Learn Zillion an online platform that views curriculum as a service, not a lifeless "thing you own." The Learn Zillion resources allow educators to be flexible with choosing materials based on individualized needs of students. The site can be used by teachers and resources can be assigned to or shared with students. 

Mr Nussbaum: This site is a collection of many original games covering multiple skills and grade levels. They are compatable with an ipad or tablet. Mr. Nussbaum also features printable resources by grade level. For parents and teachers. 

PBSKids: This site connects parents and teachers to a world of videos, games, and interactive resources, including PBS Learning Media, which connects learners to standards-based materials.

Scholastic: A world of information exists through Scholastic. Teachers, parents, kids, administrators, and librarians will find everything from top teaching blogs to common core resources to activities and printables. This site is a must for parents; be sure to check out the school success page and in-depth guide to each grade level.  

Sheppard Software: This site offers hundreds of free, online educational games for elementary age children in every subject area. We love how easy it is to use; students can see the most popular games. Flash Player required. 

Smithsonian Learning Lab: This rich new resource provides digital access to resources from Smithsonian's museums, research centers, and zoo. Videos, images, and more can be personalized and shared by the user. Simple searches pull up all digital content related to the topic. 


Multiple Subject Areas: Games and Interactive, Adaptive Learning Platforms

ABCYa: This exciting online and app resource is used by parents and teachers and serves learners in grades K-5. Learners can sort by subject area and play; content is automatically adjusted as the user improves! 

ArcademicsThis website provides free educational games for kids. Games can be sorted by grade and subject area. Beyond mathematics, games include language arts and geography.

Gamequarium: Games, printables, interactives, and more are available on this site for free! Many subjects, even including foreign language, technology, and keyboarding are offered. 

Smart ExchangeIf you are a teacher looking for pre-made, standards-aligned, ready to download resources across all subject areas, this website provides interactive teaching resources that are great for use on a Smart Board. 

(Coming soon- others we'd like to explore: Cyberkidz, Funbrain)

Online Educational Shopping and Games

Check out the following websites for online shopping and educational related play! 


Learning Express

Lego Education Elementary

Lego Mindstorm