Concepts and Skills:

A+Click Math: This site allows students to click through math problems by grade level and concept, providing multiple choice answers. It is a simple way to practice logic and problem solving without having to create an account. 

Common Core SheetsThis resource provides supplemental practice worksheets in math, social studies, science, language arts, writing, and more. A useful resource for easy to use, printable skill building and practice. 

Engage NYEngage New York provides an incredible library of resources by grade level and subject area. Click on any grade level on the left to see curriculum topics and modules that are availble to print as a PDS or save as a Google Doc. This website is useful for teachers and parents as it coincides nicely with Common Core standards. 

GeoGebra: An award winning website, GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education. The website provides over one million free and interactive materials. 

Illuminations: Designed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Illuminations provides lesson plans, activities, and interactives that coincide with Common Core Math Standards. This site is geared toward teachers, providing quality resources and interactive tools for students. 

Khan Academy: A non-profit organization that produces quality teaching videos and practice items based on grade level math and math concepts. Khan also produces lessons in science and engineering, computing, arts and humanities, economics and finance, and more. This site can be used by parents or teachers. 

Mash Up MathAn online platform with free printable resources that aims to make learning fun, Mash Up Math provides video lessons through their YouTube channel, math challenge questions, math articles, inspirational quotes, and math worksheets. 

Math-Aids: This website provides free math worksheets for parents and teachers to use with students. There are many math topics all available in PDF format with answer keys. 

Mathwire: Mathwire provides teachers and parents with standards-based activities to support the curriculum.

Open Middle: Tasks created by Open Middle have a "closed beginning" and a "closed end," but provide an students with multiple pathways to solve. These problems allowing students to think critically and creatively with their math strategy. Open Middle can be used by parents or teachers.

Patrick JMTThis site provides videos for grades 4 and up, walking the viewer through clear and thorough explanations of procedural math skills. 

The Math Forum: With a subscription to the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), The Math Form is a member benefit that engages students, parents, and teachers in multiple platforms for learning mathematics. 

XtraMath: A math facts fluency program that aims to help a child master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. This site can be used by parents or teachers. There is also an app for tablets and phones. 

YouCubed: Developed by University of Stanford mathematics professor Jo Boaler, this beautiful website offers "low floor, high ceiling" tasks by concept, grade level, math topic, and mathematical practice standard. A home run resource for tasks that ask students to problem solve and view math as a creative, connected subject, this site is for teachers and parents.


Logic, Reasoning and Problem Solving:

FBI Code Crackers: Cryptanalysts unite! This website provides current and past code quizzes, as well as further communications about code breaking in law enformcement. 

Figure This!: Figure This! provides high-quality math challenges outside of school forfor students to complete with their families. Aimed at middle school learners, high ability upper elementary students may enjoy. Each challenge includes a description of the math used, a hint to get started, solutions, and resources for further exploration. Great for parents or teachers. 

Galileo Math Fair: Math Fair is a non-competitive problem solving event. Problems available on their website are for elementary or secondary students and include problems related to number concepts and operations, patterns and relations, shapes and spaces, and statistics and probability. 

Math PickleA favorite of ours, Math Pickle is supported by the American Institute of Mathematics and provides puzzles and mini-math competitions organized by grade. Each game has a low floor and high ceiling, engaging all learners in skill building and complex problem solving. 

NRICH: Using the primary tabs, this site includes valuable math topics, games, and "being a good thinker" problems that require students to be resourceful in their math knowledge and think logically and conceptually about their mathematics learning. NRICH is geared toward teachers and provides professional development. 

Problem of the Week: MATHCOUNTS is a non-profit organization that provides engaging math programs to middle school students. Their website shares Problems of the week and additional resources available to print. We love the Problem of the Week and the POW Archives, each availble to download as a PDF. 

Problem Solving DecksCreated by members of the TEAM project- Teaching Excellence and Mathematics- this Homeschool Math website shares Problem Solving Decks that are availble to download as a PDF File.


Math Games and Interactive, Adaptive Learning Platforms:

Coolmath4Kids: Strategy, logic, number, skill- this website is a favorite of many young kids! Free and easy to use by teachers or parents, this site also includes lessons, quizzes, interactive manipulatives such as a number line and pattern blocks, and brain teasers. 

GeoGebra: An award winning website, GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education. The webiste provides over one million free and interactive materials. 

Hooda: Hooda provides many highly engaging, interactive games for students. They can be sorted by grade level, category, or subject. 

Mathletics: Aligned to Common Core standards is a subscription-based adaptive math platform for learning math skills at the elementary and middle level. For teachers and parents. 

Math Playground: "Give your Brain a Workout!" This site includes math games, logic, videos, and story math for grades 1-6. 

PBS Math Club: Great for student driven learning and homework help, this math club offers videos for upper elementary and middle school students related to the Common Core standards. Sign in and create a free account. Great for students and parents to use at home. 

Prodigy Math: This site offers curriculum aligned math in an engaging way. Students create an avatar and choose a world in which to begin after selecting a grade level. Once a child completes the diagnostic questions they will be appropriately placed in a grade level and continue to enjoy learning math! This site can be used by parents or teachers. 


Authentic Performance/Real World "REAL WORK" Tasks

3 Act Math: Dan Meyer's site includes real world "real work" problems for students to think deeply about what components are necessary to solve a problem. Each "act" begins with a clear problem/visual, then asks students to consider what is needed to know or find out to solve the problem, and resolve the problem or set up a sequel/extension. Three cheers for 3 Act Math. 

EVERFI: Free for teachers in grades 4 and up, EVERFI puts real-life scenarios in an educational context, connecting learning to the real world. Topics include math, STEM, health and wellness, cultural and civic literacy, and more. This website is geared toward teachers.

Financial Literacy: It’s never too early to teach children the fundamentals of credit, finance and money management. These concepts help develop valuable problem-solving skills and are crucial to long-term success later in life. This guide from includes educational games and lessons to help children of all ages begin exploring the benchmarks of financial literacy, such as earning, saving, and investing.

Numeracy TasksDesigned to connect math outward from the classroom to a richer engagement of using math in an abstract situation, Numeracy Tasks offers many primary and intermediate printable tasks to relate math to real world use. 

PBS Math Club: Great for student driven learning and homework help, this math club offers videos for upper elementary and middle school students related to the Common Core standards. Sign in and create a free account. Great for students and parents to use at home. 

Piggybank Fantasy Stock Exchange: Once a child registers and creates an account, this authentic game starts students with a set amount of fantasy Piggybank Cash. Students are directed to the "trading floor" to buy shares and then back to their portfolio to monitor and trade their stocks. 

Robert Kaplinsky: Robert is a math educator and trainer of math teaching professionals who operates a growth-mindset in mathematics as best practices continue to evolve. His website offers low-floor high ceiling tasks that require students to apply the core curriculum content standards in real-life context. Lessons can be downloaded as a PDF or emailed. A highly recommended, excellent resource for parents and teachers.

(Coming soon- others we'd like to explore: Reflex Math, SumDog, Mathalicious, Flo and Zo Sort it Out, Pattern Mania, Railroad Pattern)