Science and Technology


AliceCreated by Carnegie Mellon, the Alice Program allows users to create stories, build games, and learn to program in 3-D. It is an exciting platform to engage students in Computer Science education!

Code AcademyLearn, teach, create, and code for different projects for free! HTMC, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, and more coding languages are available to explore.

Codemoji: Deciphering a code is math at work! Create ciphers easily for kids to decipher. This site is a non-profit organization that provides equal access to all children to learn to computer science. There are fundamental lessons designed for elementary age children available in multiple languages. The entire site and all activities are well planned. also organizes the worldwide "Hour of Code," which reaches more than 10% of students worldwide!

Cool-Science-Projects: The pressure is on when the elementary science fair roles around! This site gives many ideas to research for a science project based on grade level band. there are also helpful links within. The site is free for all users!

Curiosity Machine: 100% free, this site will want to make you up the ante on your lesson planning game! The site has created various science related challenges for parents and educators- an extraordinary STEM resource- your students will love building their curiosity and tackling these lessons. Inspirational videos help teachers/parents "set up" each challenge, which can be used for multiple grades. 

Engineering is Elementary: Developed by the Museum of Science in Boston, EiE offers units for grades 1-5 as well as free afterschool engineering adventure ideas. All lessons include the The Engineering Design Process: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve...

Google Computer Science First: Containing curriculum for ages 9-14, users begin with a few sample activities and then pick a theme of choice. Fashion and design, game design, animation, coding, and more - studens can create fun and complex projects. 

Invent AmericaFor any young inventor with a passion to connect to valuable resources, this site links to contests and competitions for young inventors that can be useful in the classroom or at home. For teachers, resources such as "How to build a Rube Goldberg Machine" and other lessons exist!

National Science Teachers Association: NSTA recommends is a strong source of reviewed materials and trade books for all grade levels. It is liked through resources on the homepage, a section that also includes lesson plans and activities.

MadewithCode: Create beautiful projects such as music, art, or accessories, find mentors, and continue your coding journey. The site is free and is highly attractive for students to use in school or at home. 

MIT's AppInventor: Thanks to MIT Media Lab and MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, anyone can build apps that impact the world! The website is free and easy to follow. Click on resources to access educational teaching activities and tutorials. It is a wonderful world when a resource like this exists for free!

NASA Kids ClubEarthlings, be sure to visit! From games that entertain and educate (all tied to standards) to an incredible list of app recommendations related to all things Earth (under the downloads tab), you'll be happy you landed here. 

PHET Interactive SimulationsPhET was found by 2002 Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman. The interactive simulations project (from the University of Colorado Boulder) creates free interactive math and science simulations. Teachers or parents can register for a free account, then search by simulation, lesson type, grade level, and language. PhET's lessons are printable to users. 

REC Foundation: The Robotics Education and Competition Foundation is a great place to begin if you are looking to connect to the blueprint of robotics! This site connects the user to curriculum, contests, and teams for students to join. 

Scratch: Scratch is provided free of charge from MIT's Lifelong Kindergarten group. It is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. It is an excellent source for essential 21st century skills such as systematic reasoning. Scratch programming can be used in school as an enrichment option or at home!

Science BuddiesThis is a non-profit organization that helps to connect parents, teachers, and students to easily find free science projects and activities and help in all areas of science K-12. As teachers we love the STEM lessons for our classroom and Google Classroom resources. As parents we love the science supplies and kits. A worthy site to explore!

TinkercadTinkercad is an easy-to-use browser based 3-D CAD design tool for all. Users can create and build 3-D designs to share and 3-D print! So many practice tutorials are available for free to get started. This fun learning tool can be used in school or at home.

TynkerAn educational programming platform teaching kids how to make games and programs, blocks of code are snapped together in a kid friendly, easy to use site. The site is free to parents and teachers. 

VEX Robotics: Vex offers an entire system designed for educators. You can browse the kits and build your first robot at home! Teachers can advocate for a 12-team STEM bundle for their classroom. Individual kits start at $279.99.

Social Studies & Current Events


EDSITEment:Lesson plans for all humanities areas are available for K-2 and 3-5 grade level bands. Choose a topic, choose a grade level, and length of class. Easy for instruction at home or in school!

FreeRiceOwned and supported by the United Nations World Food Program, this site provides a donation of 10 grains of rice to help reach Zero Hunger each time a question is answered correctly. This site can easily open a conversation and interest for students who have an interest to learn more. 

KidsPastWorld history, prehistoric humans, renaissance, ancient America, and more! This engaging site is free for use in school or at home and includes worksheets and videos that will excite children to learn about history!

National Geographic Kids: Create a free child or parent account for free to explore animals, games, videos, and other cool resources on the website. For a low annual fee, subscribe to the magazine!

Scholastic News: Providing an impressive publication of grade level appropriate non-fiction current events, this is a subscription based resources that also provides supplemental goodies online such as teacher resources, digital teaching tools, engaging videos, interactive review games, and differentation tools.  

TIME for KidsA paid subscription with editions by grade level for the classroom, this publication is an excellent way to incorporate current events and non fiction journalism tailored instruction. 

USA4Kids: Presidents, states, flags, holidays- everything we love to know about our country- this site is free and full of American facts!

WonderopolisImpressive! The National Center for Families Learning offers 1900+ "Wonders of the Day," a question to make you wonder, that includes: pictures, videos, vocabulary, a reading and "test your knowledge section" just to get started. Wonder #2051- "How are currency exchanges determined?" Makes you wonder!

World Geography GamesPlay and learn geography for free! Start on any continent of the world- learn countries, capitals, flags, geography, government and more. Flash player required.