Our Vision

Student success, planned. 


When it comes to education, those with the best resources have the greatest chance to succeed.

At Elementary Blueprint, our vision is to bring together the highest quality resources related to elementary education and have them all in one place for quick and easy access in your classroom or at home.

Covering every core subject and areas related to support services, we work proactively to understand the education system and the latest resources available for pre-Kindergarten through Grade 6 learners.

As technology and research moves us forward, we’ve built the ultimate portal for student success during these vital years of academic, social, and emotional growth.

Whether you’re a teacher running a classroom full of varying needs or a parent working to help your child at home, our goal is to share what we know and connect you with quality resources for instructing young learners.



Kelly Pascarella
Founder, Elementary Blueprint


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Teacher Helping Students